Manchester United try to copy Chelsea by sacking their club legend. Read what Tuchel has to say about that

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel was put in a tight corner during his press conference ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League meeting with Juventus.

Tuchel was appointed by the club in January midway through the season, as club legend Frank Lampard was sacked after a poor run of form that saw the club drop to 9th in the league and in danger of missing out on a Champions League place.

Chelsea would go on to win the Champions League and finish in top four in Thomas Tuchel’s first six months in charge of the club.

Manchester United have tried to follow a similar route in search of success by sacking their club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and while Tuchel was put in an uncomfortable position to discuss if his appointment following the sack of Frank Lampard is similar to what United is doing, the Blues boss seemed frustrated at the question and tried to avoid any comparison.

Asked if United will hope to emulate Chelsea’s turnaround, and how easy it was to achieve, Tuchel replied: “I cannot say easy, that will devalue my – our – effort.

“Listen, I’m in the best place possible at this moment, so I’m a happy coach and I’m a happy person so in the moment where I am is perfect and that’s what I try to transmit and maybe what everybody feels. I am in the right place and the right spot.

“So is the question really if somebody else copies that? I don’t know. If so, everybody sacks the coach now in January to win the Champions League.

“Don’t find any things where there are no things to find and don’t start to interpret stuff where there is nothing to interpret. I am absolutely the wrong person to ask about it, it’s none of my business. They do what they do and I have nothing to say about it, that’s it.”

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