Supercomputer rates Chelsea’s chances of winning the Champions League

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The Supercomputer of the guys at FiveThirtyEight have come with an algorithm that predicted the ranking of some of the top teams in Europe, based on their chances of lifting the UEFA Champions League.

Surprisingly, Chelsea who are defending champions weren’t ranked in the top 4.

The top ranked team is Bayern Munich, who have an impressive 25% chance to win it, while Manchester City comes second, with a 21% chance.

Liverpool have a 14% chance, Ajax, 10%, and Chelsea, 8%, which is quite surprising, considering the Blues are defending Champions.

Meanwhile, Michael Owen has backed Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea as his three favourites to win the Champions League, as he believes that the English sides are the strongest in Europe at the moment.

Owen told BT Sport: “I think English football and the Premier League is so far ahead of everyone else at the moment and getting even stronger.

“We have been ahead for a few years anyway and then we have taken the two best players in the Italian league in Ronaldo and Lukaku.

“Lionel Messi’s gone to a weaker league, so the Spanish league has got weaker. I can never really take the French league as seriously as maybe I should.

“We are taking the best managers as well. I think the biggest dangers to Liverpool are probably Man City and Chelsea.”

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