Tuchel aiming to achieve what no previous Chelsea manager has achieved under Roman Abramovich

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed he would try to emulate Burnley manager Sean Dyche and remain as Chelsea boss for the next decade.

“I will try to, I will try to,” Tuchel said. “But listen, I had one year in the academy and five years in Mainz – my longest spell so far in professional football.

“Then I had the strong feeling in the last year that my energy was not on the highest level anymore and that we had built connections to the players and decisions had to be made – that some enthusiasm is lacking if we continued and continued.

“We took at this point – not for everybody – the understandable decision to inform the club that this would be the last half-season because I felt I would lack some percentage of energy that is absolutely necessary to be at the very top.

“Quality and results are the most important, otherwise, we have no chance to stay. If you have that and if you feel happy and if the club and manager build trust, like there is at Liverpool, Manchester City and of course at Burnley, it can be a successful story.

“It can be the other way around – that you change a lot of managers and you are also successful. The proof is maybe this club here. No hard feelings for both approaches.

“I can tell you today I will do my very best to stay as long as possible because I like where I am and I enjoy working every single day in this club and in this league. For me, it is a perfect fit. From here we go but it’s a weekly business, maybe it’s a daily business, and I am fully aware of it.”

Tuchel also admitted he knows his job will be in danger if results are poor and understands he will come under serious pressure if performances dip.

He added: “We are fully aware that we are judged by results, we are judged by performances and that’s why we try to take care of details. But I am personally not living in fear and constantly reminding myself you can be sacked. I know this.

“It’s like when I drive a car to the training ground. I know it’s super dangerous to be in a car out there in traffic because it happens every day there are accidents, but I don’t think about it. I know, and that’s why I drive carefully, but I trust my skills. This is what we do.

“I know the situation but I feel confident in the situation, I feel confident in the car. I know where my limits are and I don’t gamble on my limits because it’s a dangerous thing to be in traffic. This is what we do here. I’m confident in what we do, I try not to be overconfident and not to overstretch the limits, and this is basically it.

“We are aware of the situation but it doesn’t hold us back to enjoy daily life and the profession. It’s a gift, and I’m really living my dream actually, I’m in a good place and hopefully it will last some more years, weeks, months, whatever.”

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