Alan Shearer slams Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel for saying this after Chelsea’s 3-1 victory over Aston Villa

Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer has hit back at Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel for complaining about the lack of five substitutions in the Premier League.

Speaking after Chelsea’s 3-1 win over Aston Villa, Tuchel requested that more needs to be done to protect players by reintroducing the five substitutes rule.

“Five changes were invented because of Covid. Now we’re in the middle of Covid, and some teams are having games postponed, and others aren’t. Three changes is a big disadvantage,” Tuchel said.

“Of course [five substitutions should be allowed]. Zero chance [they will]. We are the only league that plays in winter, which I love, but we’re not protecting the players.

“All other leagues have five changes. Then we compete against them in the Champions League. It’s a bit frustrating. It will not stop.

“Brighton will play a super physical game; then we have two games against Spurs, who are out of Europe and fully focused on the league and Carabao Cup.”

However, Shearer doesn’t seem to agree with Tuchel.

“This is what out country is, he knew that before coming in,” Shearer told Match of the Day.

“The teams vote that in and they didn’t want that.

“I think it can be an unfair advantage for the smaller clubs.”

The Premier League is putting clubs in European competitions in a disadvantaged position as they play more games and need the five substitution rule to rotate the squad effectively.

Every top league in Europe allows five substitutions except the Premier League.

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