“I don’t like it” – Tuchel reveals what he would do after Lukaku claimed he’s unhappy at Chelsea

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed he’s unimpressed with Romelu Lukaku’s interview in which he claimed he’s unhappy with his role under Tuchel.

According to Tuchel, he was ‘surprised’ at Lukaku’s unhappiness and revealed he would hold talks with striker.

Reacting to Lukaku’s interview, Tuchel said: “We don’t like it of course. It brings noise that we don’t need and it’s not helpful.

“We don’t want to make more out of it than it actually is. It is easy to take lines out of context, shorten lines, make headlines and then realise later that it is not so bad and maybe not what he meant.

“We don’t like it, I don’t like it because it’s noise that we don’t need. We need a calm environment and focus and this does not help.”

“I don’t feel him unhappy. I feel the exact opposite if you asked me yesterday morning and that’s why it’s a surprise but that’s why I’m the wrong person to ask,” Tuchel added.

“If there is something then it is behind closed doors, for sure.

“Like I said, this is what you read into it. It is very easy, in general, to take lines out of context and make headlines to get the focus.

“I totally understand the process and that is why it is a lot of noise, not a little noise. But still, we are not here to read the headlines.

“We can take the time to try and understand what is going on because it does not reflect the daily work, attitude and behaviour which Romelu shows here at Cobham.

“We will [sit down with him] behind closed doors and openly.”

What did Lukaku really say?

In an interview with Sky Sport Italy, the Belgium international said: “Physically I am fine. But I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea. Tuchel has chosen to play with another system.

“I won’t give up, I’ll be professional. I am not happy with the situation but I am professional – and I can’t give up now.”

Lukaku also opened the door to returning to Inter Milan

“I think everything that happened last summer was not supposed to happen like this… how I left Inter, the way I left the club, how I communicated with Inter fans – this bothers me because it was not the right time.

“Now it’s the right time to share my feelings. I have always said that I have Inter in my heart: I know I will return to Inter, I really hope so. I am in love with Italy, this is right moment to talk and let people know what really happened.

“I really hope from bottom of my heart to return to Inter not at the end of my career, but when I’m still at top level to win more together.

“I want apologise to the Inter fans, the timing of my words was wrong: what you did for me will remain forever.”

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  1. In fact we as chelsea fans we’re not impressed with that comments was meant with romeo, it shows how silly and indispline he is…we heard so many strikers and who was even better than’ bt they were not used to say that, watch out before you loose faithful from chelsea fans

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