“This Chelsea player will be absolutely perfect for Manchester United” – Paul Parker claims

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Former Manchester United star Paul Parker believes Antonio Rudiger would be ‘absolutely perfect’ for Manchester United.

Rudiger’s Chelsea contract expires at the end of the season and the German international has stalled on extending his Chelsea contract.

“If he was to stay at Chelsea. He’s very influential and the fans idolise him,” Parker told bettingexpert.

“To come to Manchester United, I would say that is ambitious. I would understand why he would want to and I think he would make a difference.

“If you had him next to Varane, what a difference you’re talking about. Good pace and you’re talking about someone who’s won a World Cup, Champions League and then you’ve got a centre-half, who in the old-school way of talking is actually a leader.

“He actually shouts and screams, bosses people about, dictates the people. When people aren’t doing it, he tells them because he doesn’t make that many mistakes himself. He keeps things simple. He’d be absolutely perfect.

“It all depends on him being ambitious. Does he want to go to Manchester United and be the difference-maker at the back?

“‘I’m the one that took them forward’ and all of a sudden the momentum started and they started winning games and 2 years down the line, they go on and win a Premier League and everyone says he’s the signing that made the difference because the back line was poor. Then I would certainly get that.”

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