Chelsea player gave me burning eyes for not starting him against Manchester City – Thomas Tuchel reveals

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed Mason Mount was disappointed when he was dropped to the bench for Saturday’s 1-0 defeat to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

Tuchel opted for a front three of Hakim Ziyech, Romelu Lukaku and Christian Pulisic instead and has revealed Mount gave him ‘burning eyes’ after he was dropped againt Manchester City.

Speaking ahead of the Brighton game on Tuesday, Tuchel said: “Yeah, I get them (burning eyes from Mount) and this is absolutely normal.

“I get the eyes, I get the look. I know the look, of course. He is here to play these kinds of matches, but we were simply opting for runners.

“We thought we could break the line more often with Hakim (Ziyech) as a left foot on the left side and going for Christian (Pulisic) as a right side because of the arrival of Christian in the box.

“I felt Mason not in the 100% zone where he is like untouchable, which he normally almost is. So we took that decision and it can happen from time to time. He’s not happy about it, but it will not last long because everyone loves Mason – me included.”

The phrase is in reference to Frank Lampard, who revealed that Mount used to give him ‘burning eyes’ when he did not play him.

“I remember every time I didn’t play Mason – and people will say it wasn’t that much – but his eyes were burning you in the meeting room the minute I didn’t pick him and that’s a 20-year-old kid,” Lampard told the Guardian “I liked that because it reminded me of myself.”

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