Tuchel: I would be very angry

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Chelsea is yet to have a game postponed this season, despite the injury and covid cases that have seen Chelsea play games with an understrength team.

Chelsea had requested that the game against Wolves be postponed, but the team was forced to play as Thomas Tuchel fielded a team of players who weren’t fit and his bench was lacking.

However, some other teams easily have their games postponed and reports claim it isn’t entirely based on covid cases alone.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has asked for fairness and claims he’d be very angry if there are double standards.

“I strongly, strongly hope that’s not the case,” the Chelsea manager stressed, “because otherwise I would be very, very angry because we are doing everything to make games happen. We were made to play when we thought we should maybe not, so I can only strongly hope that the rules are the same rules for everybody.”

Tuchel has even claimed that the ten point gap between Chelsea and Manchester City may be down to injury and covid situation that his team has suffered.

Speaking ahead of the crucial clash with Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday, Tuchel said: “The biggest difference so far in the season, as [far as] I’m concerned, is that they dealt better with injuries and dealt better with the Covid situation.

“Maybe it’s unlucky, maybe they do it better, but they have less injuries for key players, less days out, less weeks where they miss them.

“They did not suffer from Covid as we did over many weeks. This is a huge difference. We had some draws in the season that were unnecessary and if you have your full squad you create a certain atmosphere for everybody that pushes everybody to the edge and you need to be on your edge at your very highest level when you compete with Manchester City.”

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