Tuchel reveals the kind of response Lukaku will receive from Chelsea fans following his controversial interview

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Speaking at his media conference on Tuesday afternoon ahead of our Carabao Cup semi-final versus Tottenham, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel confirmed Romelu Lukaku has apologised following his controversial interview with an Italian media outlet.

Many Chelsea fans were disappointed with the striker after the interview was released on Thursday as the Blues prepared for the game against Liverpool.

Tuchel was asked what kind of reception he thinks Lukaku will now receive from the Chelsea fans.

“He is very aware of what happened and what he created and he feels the responsibility to clean the mess up,” Tuchel said.

“Maybe we will have a bit of smell still from it. He can handle it. There’s also no other choice, you cannot expect now everybody to be to be super happy the very next day, but he is still our player and we have a lot of good reasons to make him play for us and to convince him to fight hard.

“He is our player, we are happy that he’s our player, and we will protect him and in the end, it’s also very important that the stadium supports the team.

“Even if somebody has a different opinion on it or strongly disagrees, it is about the team in anything we do and I hope the supporters can take this also and keep on supporting the team because at the moment we need the support.”

Meanwhile, former Arsenal striker Kevin Campbell believes dropping Lukaku against Liverpool was a huge mistake by Tuchel.

“I understand Thomas Tuchel has to show his power,” Campbell told Sky Sports News.

“But if you are all of a sudden going to leave your star striker out, you are cutting your nose off to spite your face a little bit.

“You need all your weapons. Look at Manchester City, they are 11 points clear. This is your next biggest rival who you have to beat at home and you are possibly leaving your star striker out.

“It’s not right. You have got to play him.”

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  1. He apologized to the club, now we as fans we want him to apologize to us cox he also apologized to inter’s fans which was totally wrong, actually the incident will last for so long without forgetting indeed he did a wrong thing

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